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Interview Tips

By Esther van West, Employment Consultant, Expertise Limited

There is no shortage of books published on interviewing tips. Our advice is to save your money. Much of the advice they offer is common sense or nonsense.

What you need to know about interviewing is that employers are simply trying to determine the degree to which you are able and willing to do the job. So all of your preparation for an interview should be guided by this principle.

Can you do the job?

Expect employers to ask you questions about your track record. Your past accomplishments are of great importance to an employer. If you have a proven track record of success, employers are likely to bet that you will be a success in the future. So examine your past carefully relative to the job specifications. Ask yourself “what experience do I have that demonstrates that I can do the job they are looking to fill”. If you are short on relevant experience and examples of success, resist the temptation to exaggerate or fib. It’s better to admit that you lack experience rather than get caught stretching the truth.

Will you do the job?

Convincing an employer that you are capable is only half of what you need to do at interview. Your other goal is to demonstrate that you are willing to do the job. Your motives are important. Employers want to employ people who are keen and interested. So be prepared to explain why you want the job. Your level of interest in the employer will be evident by how well you demonstrate your research of their organization.

How to dress?

Dress appropriately. One determinant of appropriateness is how people ordinarily dress at the organization you are looking to join. If in doubt, dress up. An employer will use the interview to assess your bearing relative to the job you are being recruited for.

When to arrive?

Be on time. Or perhaps a little early. But never late. If you are late, be prepared to supply a good reason. Anything less, and you will not get the job.

The Ultimate Interview Tip

Be yourself. If you make yourself out to be someone you are not, you are doomed. If you succeed in fooling everyone at interview and get the job, you will be found out soon after you start work. That will lead to dismissal whilst on probation, which will make your next interview even tougher.

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